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The Deconstruction 2013

  This coming weekend teams of Makers, Artists, Students, Programmers, Problem-Solvers, Designers, Performers, Filmmakers (and many others) from around the globe will gather, physically and digitally, to “deconstruct” the world around them. Their common goal: rethink existing objects, genres, and ideas…and create something new. I am running a team at the Dallas Makerspace, so if you are
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Lottery Statistics

  Since the world has gone nuts with this 550 million dollar powerball, I figure I will share my thoughts on the lottery.   The chances of winning are 1 in 175,223,510. Each ticket is an independent variable only way to increase your odds are to buy more tickets. If you spend $34645 on tickets you
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Popular Science + Redbull

As part of the Redbull creation program, I was selected to be interviewed as part of their web video series “Create the Future.” My segment is called “Smart to be Cool,” and allows me to talk about the importance of mentoring and how much I enjoy working with kids to build and create projects. I
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