Aug 272012

As part of the Redbull creation program, I was selected to be interviewed as part of their web video series “Create the Future.”

My segment is called “Smart to be Cool,” and allows me to talk about the importance of mentoring and how much I enjoy working with kids to build and create projects. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in these projects and hope that the work that I do can help to inspire others to share their knowledge also.

Jul 252012

This past weekend for RedBull Creation we built something called the Dizzy Fling. Part of the contest is getting people to vote for their favorite build, so if you like our project please vote for it here.
(You will need a facebook account and to allow popups  to vote)

You can read more about our entry on it’s project page

May 082012

I have always felt that learning as much as I can about Robots has been both an intellectual challenge and alot of fun. Now I think that there might be an extra use for my knowledge….to help me survive the coming robot apocalypse.

For those of you who need some help there is this video.

You can also check out a book on the same topic by Daniel Wilson “Robopocalypse: A Novel,” on Amazon now in paperback: