Early Birthday Presents (RBcreation style)

One of the things that I have really started to look forward to each year is the Redbull Creation competition. This year will mark the 3 year of the event, and I am happy to say that I am planning to participate again.

Just like in past years there is a qualifier event, and then the main event. The qualifier rules are simple, build something cool using atleast some of the materials provided and submit it. Then teams will be selected based on their qualifiers and are selected for the final build.

I have been told the official announcement will come on Monday but teams who were involved previously got a small head start this year…..

Today in the mail I received a fun package containing the contents for this year’s qualifier and some other info about the event.

This year it looks like they are going back to the “build in NYC method” but only with 6 teams. We are going to have to think of something crazy to ensure we qualify. I am not sure what it will be yet, but You can bet that it will involve Beer. Take a look at my team’s past qualifiers

Here is the unboxing.

“Let there be light”

I see LED strips. 1 Meter of these http://www.adafruit.com/products/1138 5 meters of these http://www.adafruit.com/products/346

A new Custom Board in true RedBull Style

The TurBull Encabulator….

It’s an Arduino Shield, designed for driving lots of LEDs, Cool.

The back of the board has a link to a google code page, which contains the libraries for this bad boy. You can check them out here: https://code.google.com/p/turbull-encabulator/

From the website


The TurBull Encabulator has now reached a high level of development, and is successfully being used in the operation of controllable LED lighting art and nofertrunions. The only principal involved for the qualifier is you must create create something awesome using interactive lighting, then upload a video (up to 3 minutes long) about what you made by May 5th 12AM PST.

Please note:

  • This year you do get extra points for creatively displaying your creation in a public space.
  • Well produced and/or fun videos always tend to score better, make sure to put some time and thought into your final video. Tell everyone who you are, and demonstrate your Creation.
  • Always be mindful of the principals of mangneto reluctance and capacitive deractance.
  • You must incorporate the TurBull Encabulator into your final Creation in some capacity. You are free to use as much other hardware and technology as you like though.
  • Always keep the Reciprocating Dingle Arm on the Encabular clean.
  • Final teams competing in Red Bull Creation in New York will have 4 team members. You can have as many people helping on the qualifier as you would like though.
  • Qualifier judging will take place May 8-11th. The final 6 teams invited to Red Bull Creation will be announced May 13th!


Judging is based on a combination of: use of technology, concept, execution, and creativity in where/ how it is displayed. Focus on making your Creation as good as it can be and making a great video. Have lots and lots of fun. There are not many rules beyond that.

This project hosts the source for the Arduino library as well as a forum for the TurBull Encabulator. Please use the forums for Encabulator related technical questions and issues. For competition and qualifier specific questions please contact the Team Liaison at rb.createthefuture@gmail.com

Let There Be Light!

-Team Red Bull Creation

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3 thoughts on “Early Birthday Presents (RBcreation style)”

  1. Any luck compiling the example provided? mine says there’s multiple definitions of all the functions in the Encabulator.cpp on Arduino 1.0.1

  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Arduino environment installed, as the older TwoWire library that comes with Arduino seems to cause some issues with type definitions and whatnot.

  3. I like your images. I too have the RB Bull-kit. I had forgotten I applied to their Competition (for the first time), so when the box arrived; I thought I might have been “sleep buying” again! 😉 …I didn’t remember this purchase? plus it was my birthday just before it arrived; making me think someone jn the local maker space was gifting me.

    Thanks for posting your nice shots of the unboxing! I will be seeking a bit of mentoring to me get started with downloading the code and making the Arduino Sketch. Do you think, if you have a few minutes, you might skype with me [MauiMacMan] for a bit of hand holding?

    FYI: I’m a light painter by trade. I’ll be using the LEDS to make a “SOLAR SPINNER.” Here’s a mockup demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_NRn-wSqdc

    In the real version, I’ll mount the “TurBull Fandabulator” on a motor with tentacles of the RGB LIGHT STRIPS hanging — until a person gets close enough. Then the wheel will spin, the tentacles become outstretched and rotate; the light patterns changing according to something the person does, telegraphing cool persistence of vision images to the sensor of a locked open DSLR (or iPhone camera); the person will either be lit accordingly, and/or be silhouetted by the light show.

    Here’s a similar image of a moving RGB LED TAPE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phr/8644443472/ before a locked open shutter.

    PS: I’ll be following you to see if maybe I could learn a thing or three.!~

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