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cnc begins

I made one of the first steps to turning a project from an idea to a reality this morning; making the first financial contribution to the project. While many times I have ideas for things I would like to do, I am careful about only investing in projects which I am GOING to do.  That
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Mecanum Lawnmower?

As I mentioned one of my projects this summer is to convert an electric lawnmower to a robot.  Not only does this project appeal to me because of my laziness and not wanting to mow my own lawn but it allows for the creation of a platform which I can use for future developments.  I
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Summer of Projects

So I have reciently been complaining about not having stuff to do, yet I have a garage full of tools and a list of projects a mile long. I think it is time to be proactive and get some stuff done. So I have dubbed this the “summer of projects” Here are a beginning list
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I have a new hero

Shigeo Hirose, is the director of the Hirose-Fukushima Robotics Lab at Tokyo Tech. Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing him to my attention. After having exploring his site it is very obvious to me that he and his team are by far the leading experts in robotic mechanical design. I make the specific claim about mechanical
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mmmm…power drill powered bikes

So through this little thing called my “job” I might get my hands on some of the new 36volt xrp drill transmissions and motors. Now they will be going for my new battlebot first but I could see one of these on the horizon also.