Oct 182012

Most machines have a distinct purpose for which they are designed and they are productive. Sometimes it is fund just to build something for the sake of building something. I am sure that most of you have seen the simple Useless machine, a box which turns itself off. Like this one.

This one takes useless machines to a new level of greatness. The WRO art center in Poland has built a machine which mechanically makes the elevator go between the first and second floor by using a series of pulleys.

Check it out for yourself.

Sep 242012

I have seen similar machines before but this one is by far the most complex. 17 different stages including a lego 5 axis robot arm. The builder said it took over 600 hours, and while I am not sure I would have that kind of dedication, I would definitely buy this guy a beer.

Sep 132012

It is no secret that I love TED talks. This one struck me as as interesting as things like kickstarter, social funding and blogs are at the front of our media. I know that I am more influenced by the web than any other media at this point. I also think of myself as an early adopter of technology and am always on the lookout for new things and am not afraid to take a risk. So I ask you this, how are you influenced? what sources do you trust? Are you more willing to talk about about something that you had a good experience with or a bad experience? For all of my projects and endeavors I would rather have an inverse Gaussian result where it would either be a stellar success or spectacular failure, as the middle is never fun.

Sep 062012

I have built my fair share of beer related devices. Here is one that really impresses me. Powered by a PIC18F6622, it has all the makings of a fun project (Blinky LEDs, a scrolling matrix, etc) the most impressive part is that he even tried to simulate the feeling of the cups when they are filled. The only thing that disappoints me is that there is no requirement for drinking while playing the game which seems to defeat the purpose. Check out his whole write up here.