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Life scripted…

So in the last blog post I talked about some of my media endeavors for this summer. Things have taken a development since then. I decided that instead of developing content for many other places online I am going to do my own show. I have started to get the equipment needed (camera, lights, set,
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Instructables are coming

I have been working on a bunch of how to articles for robot design and other, which I feel cover alot of the information which is lost in the folds of the internet (cough cough chiefdelphi cough). I will be doing these in format as step by step instructions. Look for them soon. Some
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Newegg is the pits in my book

Tuesday, 20 May 2008 So in response to my twitter post I got many messages about why I will never buy from again so here is my story. I have been looking for the past month or so for a new desktop computer. I was looking for an inexpensive quad-core machine mainly for CAD,
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