Summer of Projects

So I have reciently been complaining about not having stuff to do, yet I have a garage full of tools and a list of projects a mile long. I think it is time to be proactive and get some stuff done. So I have dubbed this the “summer of projects”

Here are a beginning list of things I AM going to work on.

  • Coaxial Swerve drive – my team wants to build one and convert the robot for IRI. I am waiting for the kids to start being proactive about this;as I am going to guide them, not design it for them.
  • Robotic lawn mower – Last year my boss gave me a black & decker electric lawn mower. Cutting my lawn is up there as a thing I don’t want to do so it makes sense. I will design and build a chassis for it and start by converting it to RC then add sensors and other goodness as time goes on.
  • CNC router – I have been interested in CNC for some time now and no matter how many times I have had things made for me I still don’t have much experience with it myself. So the net is filled with plans and ideas on DIY cnc stuff so building one for my garage would be fun, IMO.
  • Underwater ROV – I have never done an underwater robot before and think it could be fun. We have this sketchy pond infront of work which seems prime to stick a robot in and explore. Also the cost factor with this one is low which makes it ideal for my garage.

I think that’s a good start. Also with these projects I am going to start developing the robot webcast show Botcentric I started on last year, these 3 things seems to be a good idea for a few episodes.  As always I am going to post project updates to this site, twitter, facebook, and any other tool a stalker could use to find out what I am doing. So if you don’t see updates poke me because that means I have either gotten lazy about the projects or am sucking at documentation.


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