LEGO ball manipulator

I have seen similar machines before but this one is by far the most complex. 17 different stages including a lego 5 axis robot arm. The builder said it took over 600 hours, and while I am not sure I would have that kind of dedication, I would definitely buy this guy a beer.

Spreading Ideas

It is no secret that I love TED talks. This one struck me as as interesting as things like kickstarter, social funding and blogs are at the front of our media. I know that I am more influenced by the web than any other media at this point. I also think of myself as an
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Electropong aka Pongmaster

I have built my fair share of beer related devices. Here is one that really impresses me. Powered by a PIC18F6622, it has all the makings of a fun project (Blinky LEDs, a scrolling matrix, etc) the most impressive part is that he even tried to simulate the feeling of the cups when they are
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Popular Science + Redbull

As part of the Redbull creation program, I was selected to be interviewed as part of their web video series “Create the Future.” My segment is called “Smart to be Cool,” and allows me to talk about the importance of mentoring and how much I enjoy working with kids to build and create projects. I
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