Oct 182012

Most machines have a distinct purpose for which they are designed and they are productive. Sometimes it is fund just to build something for the sake of building something. I am sure that most of you have seen the simple Useless machine, a box which turns itself off. Like this one. This one takes useless […]

Sep 242012

I have seen similar machines before but this one is by far the most complex. 17 different stages including a lego 5 axis robot arm. The builder said it took over 600 hours, and while I am not sure I would have that kind of dedication, I would definitely buy this guy a beer.

Sep 132012

It is no secret that I love TED talks. This one struck me as as interesting as things like kickstarter, social funding and blogs are at the front of our media. I know that I am more influenced by the web than any other media at this point. I also think of myself as an […]