Jun 222012

I have always loved these videos and the new one is just as good. One of the best things about these is Matt’s perspective on the world.

“The media isn’t actually designed to give you an accurate picture of what the world is like. It’s just telling you when shit is going down. It’s exactly like a nervous system. Your body doesn’t tell you about the parts that aren’t hurting. What I’ve found is really going on right now is this: the world is less violent, more open, and more healthy than it’s ever been in the history of civilization. Our brains just aren’t designed to see things that way.”

I just hope that his videos help to open people’s minds, to how great the world is.

May 292012

Adam Savage finds a way to say what I have felt for so long. Get out there and build something! There is nothing more satisfying in life then holding something in your hands that came from within and now exists because you chose to bring it to life. This is a must watch for anyone who has ever tinkered and built something, or maybe more importantly for those of you who have not taken the plunge yet.

P.S. I am building a turbo charged large scale rubber ducky….details to come in a future post.

Aug 182009

A couple of months ago a friend sent me a link to a youtube clip called “auto tune the news” After watching it I needed to have more. Now at semi-regular increments they are doing new ones. The general premise of the videos is that they take clips for relevant news stories, CSPAN, CBS News with Katie Couric, and other sources and run them through and audio processor called “AutoTune.” Auto Tune is traditionally used for after effects smoothing for pop, R&B, and other genres to cover mistakes and to add a level of computer sounds to music. Artists such as Sher, Janet Jackson, and T-Pain made it famous. Recently it has been used as a method to make amateur songs as it can be setup to convert regular speech into something which has a melody. You can read more about Auto tune on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-Tune

A group called “The Gregory Brothers” http://thegregorybrothers.com/ is responsible for them and I hope they keep them up because they are a good laugh every time. At this point there are 7 of them (#5 is my fav). You can view them below and make sure to subscribe to them on youtube to find the new ones. On a side note I wonder if Katie Couric knows about them.

Edit: as it seems the mastermind behind these videos is a guy named Michael Gregory, If you check him out on google you will see he has done a bunch of other parody, autotune, and performances, including an aired audition to American Idol. I may be going out on a limb but he could become the next Weird AL.