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So in the last blog post I talked about some of my media endeavors for this summer. Things have taken a development since then. I decided that instead of developing content for many other places online I am going to do my own show. I have started to get the equipment needed (camera, lights, set, etc) and have about 7 episodes already written. There is a new site for this videocast that I am going to launch soon. I will be mirroring the embedded flash videos here on robogreg. The site will be called Botcentric (

here is my new camera a canon HV-20. It shoots 1080i HD onto mini dv tapes and should make my videocast have really good qualityHD camera canon HV20

In other news my life has been on an even kilter for a while now which for me is a nice change. I have started to settle into my own skin a bit more and am now able to do the things I want to do.

I have also registered for a motorcycle class and will be getting my license this month. A motorcycle purchase is in my future.

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