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Posterous Test

Please bear with me I am trying to update all of my social media and I suspect I will be getting double and triple posts in some places. i am going to try and sort this all out. Posted via email from robogreg’s posterous

Bonnaroo Media Continued…

So to my surprise I was not the only one with a gigapan at bonnaroo. It looks like one of the media pass guys also had one. His came out a bit clearer then mine but I am going to investing in some upgraded camera hardware to fix that issue. Here are his.

Search McMaster in firefox

I found the source code online and fixed it a bit so you can see the icon but now you can just put this file in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins  and then you can search mcmaster from the search field in firefox. If you are like me an use Mcmaster-Carr daily this will really come in
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