technology is awesome!

Sometimes i feel like we take technology for granted, given that we are a totally immersed tech culture. Today the Ravens are playing the Bengals and I live in Cowboy country so the game is not going to be on tv. I am not a direct tv or Verizon customer so my options used to be go to a bar or miss watching the game. Enter technology: A sister with a slingbox in the Ravens viewing market and my sprint HTC evo. I know that I could just watch the slingbox on my tv, but today Christina and I are heading out to the grapevine grapefest and I will be away from my computer. Sling Media now has an android app which can stream live to my phone. So today I am going to embark on a journey of technology awesomeness where I can see the game from wherever I am. Go Ravens!

What technology do you think is overly awesome?



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