oh man! oh man!

What a crazy month. I wish I had been able to post more but i feel like the last month was the equivalent to like 10 mins. Here are some highlights.

I am now a TN resident. This is the first time I have officially moved away from Maryland. I know it is probably just a technicality of paperwork but I have had the same address on my license since I was 17 and now 7 years later I now have a new place to call my home. The transition to the real world has been a strange one for me because I literally have had to start over. It is true that I still have many elements of my old live but ultimately I was able to re-invent myself once again.

Related to the above change I got my Motorcycle license, by taking one of the classes at the local Harley dealership. Having never driven or ridden a bike before I was quite nervous going into the class, but it was alot of fun. I still have problems with my clutching speed in the fiction zone but I am sure once I practice more I will get it. On the same note I am in the market for a bike now. I have picked out the one I want but am waiting for the right deal to come along. I am considering buying a new Yamaha FZ-6 sport touring bike.

I just got back from IRI, which was a blast. Seeing friends without all of the issues I was having in atlanta really re-started my engine as far as robots go. I became the videographer for the best robocentric classic rock parody band on the planet. All is well for me in the robot world.

The robot based video show botcentric is still in the works. I have decided it is better for me to take my time with it and produce a quality product then push it out the door prematurely.

My life is going to be getting busy over the next few weeks. Upcoming I think I have some friends crashing at my place along their road trip through the south. Christina is coming down to visit for a few days, which I am really excited for. I have a new online friend I hope to be hanging out with sometime soon. I am going to the International Woodworking show in atlanta next month. And my vacation to vegas for my fantasy football draft follows that in August as well.

Someone once said that the secret to life is keeping busy and loving what you do. I am living that dream.

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