Battlebot – Tetracide

Objective: Build a competitive heavyweight (220lbs) robot for the R3 Battlebots competition.

Time period: Spring 2005 – Fall 2005

Overview: Ever since I first saw Robot Wars in 1993, I have wanted to build a competitive robot, but due to the fact that all of the competitions were in California I never had the opportunity. The Battlebots TV show was canceled in 2002 and has had no other competitions since then. I knew that when R3 was announced to take place in Rochester, NY that I had to build a fighting bot. I designed the robot to have 3 pneumatic powered weapons, and run 1.4 HP in the drive train.

Results: The bot competed in the R3 event and finished with a record of 2-2, for a 4th place finish.

Current status: The robot is still fully functional and is in my workshop waiting for another competition. There are a few things that need to be repaired and upgraded for future fights, but other projects have higher priority at the moment. Tetracide will fight again.

Further information on this project available here.




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