PH system

Automatic pH balancing control system

Objective: To create a system to automatically control the pH level in a closed aquatic environment, for the purpose of maintaining the proper levels for fish survival.

Time Period: Winter 2000 – Spring 2001

Overview: I came up with this idea after working on an internship at the Center for Marine Bio-Technology. I was responsible for tank management ensuring pH levels were correct, quite a daunting task considering there were more then fifty 500+ gallon tanks involved. I used a constant monitoring pH meter and recorded the rate of change of some of the systems. I then proceeded to design, program, and build a system for buffering the pH back into a specified range using sodium bicarbonate to counteract the nitrogen cycle present in aquaculture environments.

Results: I was successful in my attempt to create the system for monitoring and controlling pH. Although I did extensive testing of the system, it was never implemented at the center. I did receive 4th place in engineering at the Science and Engineering Fair in 2001 which allowed for the publication of my findings.

Current status: The project was a success and is now complete, however, there are no plans for further development.

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