Dizzy Fling (rbcreation)

The Dizzy Fling is a spin on a traditional carnival game, with two players squaring off in a game of skill. The object of the game is to attempt to score as many targets as possible within the time limit. After strapping into the custom dizzy seats and going for a disorienting spin, players will attempt to turn the neutral targets to their side’s color by throwing balls at them. At the end of the timed round, the player with the most targets of their color wins, while the loser spins.

The Dizzy Fling game platform consists of 2 spinning chairs and the game board. The Chairs are repurposed automobile seats which are mounted on a custom welded steel chassis. The Spinning action on each chair is driven by a 24 volt, High Torque wheel chair motor, which is capable of spinning the player at 1.5 Revolutions per second to quickly induce dizziness. Safety was also a key concern with the Dizzy Fling. The mechanical assemblies were designed robust to ensure that players weighing up to 300 pounds can ride safely while strapped into our 3 point harness.

The Game board used as both the target for the players and the game feedback display. A universal target was designed, each with 12 individually addressable LED’s and 3 pressure switches. 16 of these targets are arranged in 2 back to back grids (32 total). As the players throw balls at the targets, each hit is recorded and sent back to an Arduino Mega micro controller, which interprets the hits and then drives the display to change. Since each target is an individual unit there are infinite numbers of reaction combinations which can be programmed. The board also features a spinning sign at the top and a sound driver which plays sounds for different events which happen through gameplay to further enhance the player’s experience.

The entire platform was designed to be completely customizable so there are infinite game-play mode possibilities. Games such as whack-a-mole, space invaders, and connect four can be easily played on the Dizzy Fling after some code modification. Although the default game mode has proven to be fun and engaging, the richness of the platform will ensure more fun innovations in the future.


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