Continuously Variable Transmission

Objective: Design and build a new style CVT and evaluate potential uses in the FIRST robotics competition.

Time period: Fall 2003 – Winter 2003

Overview: CVT’s on the small scale tend to be inefficient and require specific performance characteristics. My goal was to come up with one that was simple and feasible, yet have a higher efficiency then most. I started with the concept of a dual cone CVT and came up with the idea for driving the connection link with a lead screw to accomplish a controlled gear ratio change. I also utilized different material coatings on the cones to create a higher friction coefficient between the connection link and the cones themselves.

Results: A proof of concept model was built and evaluated to not work as intended. The weight of the overall unit was too high and the control was not as good as predicted. Overall the design was not feasible for the application and the design was scrapped.

Current status: The unit has been disassembled and the parts used for other projects. There are no plans to work on this system in the future.

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