Aug 102009

As many of you know I have made the decision to settle in Jackson, TN for a few years. And since the housing market is at the bottom of the barrel and there is an 8k tax credit I have decided to buy a home here. I have been conducting my search for quite some time now, asking the opinions and impressions of friends, family and co-workers. Now it is time for me to Open source my house search. I have created a new page on my site called “houses” It contains an embedded google map and google doc of the homes which I am considering. I also have a large gallery of photos of the 20 or so homes which I have viewed which will be sorted better and added as details in the google map. So if you want to help me pick out a home just keep checking back to my page and leave me comments.

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Jun 212009

As most people who were exposed to my twitter posts last weekend know that I was at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The festival itself was a blast and in addition to taking in some great music and taking some photos of the event I got the chance to bring my gigapan out to play. The gigapan is a tool which take many photos using a robotic camera base, then uses software to create super high resolution images  by joining all the photos together.  I took 5 gigapans over the weekend and while I am still stitching them together and doing correction, this is a good example.  This one was taken on the WHAT stage from the comfort of my vip seating hill when Galactic is on stage.  It has some washout which I am working on but it still is good to get a feel for the show.

you can click here  to see the full gigapan in a larger view