The color of my socks

For the longest time I have often debated the meaning of a dress code in the work environment. I have always been one to think that it doesn’t matter what I am wearing because that doesn’t affect my productivity. If anything I feel like I am more productive when I am comfortable rather then all stuffy.

One of my requirements when looking for a job was to find someplace I could wear jeans to work and it wouldn’t matter. DEKA was like this and I think that somewhat of the good environmental feelings of the place was because of that atmosphere. Now here at B&D things are “business casual” which basically equates to anything with a collared shirt and khakis, we even get to wear jeans on Friday. Needless to say that this works for me as most of my wardrobe falls into those categories anyway. The big thing that for some reason has become an issue is white socks. Now socks to me are in the same category as underwear, where if nobody can see it they shouldn’t matter. I think most of this comes down to the fact that I hate black socks. They are either too thin and feel like tights, or they are thick and fuzzy leaving black marks on my feet at the end of the day. This is not to mention the fact that black socks are normally twice as expensive at typical athletic whites.

So seriously why does it even matter? I seriously doubt that anyone judges me on more than a poor fashion sense because of my socks. Anyway just a rant and I don’t think i am going to be buying new socks anytime soon, at least not black ones. Maybe i will just start wearing my TJ^2 socks to work TJ^2 socks

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