moments of inspiration.

Do you ever get that feeling like you can take on the world? Where nothing that has been an obstacle in the past even comes close to disrupting your focus? I love that feeling. It is something that I strive for all the time, no matter how illusive it tends to be.

Sometimes that inspiration hits me after watching a movie, where something strikes a nerve in the plot and I am able to draw a connection to it. I find my self not reading books much but when I do I always get that feeling. Is it possible that is caused by the feeling of accomplishment? Seeing that I have done something that i know that i need to set time for? Or is this content driven like the movies where I project myself upon a character. Ether way I wish I could bottle that feeling.

There are hours upon hours that I waste everyday from watching tv or reading countless posts on various web forums. I am not sure if I am searching for an answer or just prolonging the length of time that I fall victim to procrastination. Regardless I am going to make a change.

As the new month is here, and I am starting to make the plans for my immediate future (new FIRST team, projects, etc) it is time for a change. When I write these blog posts many times I feel both hypercritical and hypocritical at the same time. Where I over analyze my situation and then somewhat lie about the results. I do feel as if I want to change my life I can. There is nothing so ingrained in this world that you can’t move it with a bit of effort. But it is that moment of inspiration that gives you the adrenaline rush which can let you move mountains. Fortunately I don’t want to move mountains only myself, so as I must dig down deep for the motivation to achieve sometimes I know that I can change. The baby steps that can really make a difference might come down to the little things in life how I get up in the morning, when I go to sleep, the clothes I wear and how I do my hair. These tiny changes might have the ability to change the world just as one small rolling rock can pick up enough speed to cause an avalanche.

Now I just need to figure out who I want to be and which small rock I need to turn over to see my future.

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