Life changing week

I can very convincingly say that this week is going to be one of those times which I will remember forever. There is so much happening that come the beginning of September, I will be living a quite different life then I am right now.

In continuance of my house searching, I put an offer in on a house. This home came out of the blue and the situation seems like it is the correct move. Right across the street from me there is an identical duplex unit for sale (includes both units) each one is 1200 sq-ft with an attached garage. There are atleast 2 offers for the house including mine, but if I get it the plan is to live in one side and rent the other one out, essentially living for free. This concept is really novel to me, because I keep the same quality of living that I have right now except i now save a considerable amount each year. We will see what they say tomorrow, as my offer expires Monday @ 5pm CST.

Tomorrow morning at 7 am I am getting in my car and will not return until Sunday late next week, at which point I will have the love of my life Christina in tow. I have been somewhat quite about my relationship but Christina and I have decided to move in together and she is relocating from Buffalo NY to Jackson. This is a really big step for us and we are optimistic as we begin our life journey together.

I am excited and not one bit nervous about the changes going on in my life, and know that this week’s results will hold a forever impact on my life.

Somehow this seems relevant. Change the word lease to “purchase offer”

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