Punk Magazine Subscription sellers

So today my door bell rang and there was this kid giving me some fast talking line that I couldn’t even keep up with. All I could make out at first was: I am traveling the country trying to get points for some trip. Upon further conversation basically this kid, who looked like he rolled out of bed/the skatepark, explained that he was on a two week trip selling magazine subscriptions. My first reaction was why aren’t you in school? He then explained that he “graduated early”; more likely that he dropped out. Blah Blah he continued his pitch, even though I have already decided there is no way I am giving this kid my credit card number for some magazine. He even told me I was the “coolest person he met all day,” I wonder what number on his stock compliments card that one is. I feel kinda bad because I held him up for 10 mins or which he was nice an polite the whole time.

finally I told him I wasn’t interested he called me an asshole under his breath as he ran to the next house.

I did a bit of reading after he left about the program and stuff he is doing and it appears like it could be some bad stuff. I am tempted to go give him 50 bux cash and say he needs to go home to Cleveland (where he comes from). I wonder if the company he “works” for makes enough money to fund his trip just on the mag subscriptions he sells. Part of me wishes I had taken down some information on his “cause” so I could look into it.

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