Old and New Friends

It’s really funny the way life works in terms of the people that you meet and when they may come back into your life. In the past week or so I have pretty much gone through every emotion in the book. Feeling sorry for myself and my situation, to pleasantly optimistic about the future. Finally I have settled back into my usual groove. Just as my emotions were shuffling so were the company that I keep in touch with. I have recently been in contact with a few friends who I haven’t talked to in literally years. This refreshing change reminded me how random life really is; how someone can come into your life and leave just as quickly. I had been feeling a bit rejected by people i had come to feel comfortable in robotics, but just as that happened other acquaintances are becoming better friends. A past love interest has moved on and I am truly happy for her as she deserves someone special in her life. I have started to realize that with the passing of this past birthday I must have hit a milestone in my life as everything is changing all at once. I am still struggling with finding meaning within all of this, but for now I am just going with the flow and will see where the river takes me.

I honestly don’t know if anyone reads this but if by chance you find this site, drop me a line. Especially if we haven’t spoken in a while, consider this our opportunity to get back in touch. Life is too short to worry about the small things that may have happened in the past, we just need to look forward and figure out where to go from here.

and now by popular demand a picture of me without my beard..
greg without a beard

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