I miss tomatoes….

So ever since the salmonella tomatoes scare almost all the restaurants I have been going to no longer are serving them. This is a true shame because the tomato is one of the staple veggies of many foods.

I mean what is a burrito without chunk in it and salsa on the side?

what is a burger without a nice slice on top of the cheese below the lettuce?

and how in the world do you eat salad without tomatoes.

While I am sure there are many tomatophobics out there which eat every meal with great satisfaction knowing that their scary half veggie half fruit nemesis isn’t lurking beneath the surface of their entree. But for normal folks like me I miss my red friend.

So please if you are out there tomatoes, check yourself into a clinic and kick the salmonella like a bad habit, and come back to join me on my plate with the other foods I enjoy.

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