My name is Greg Needel. I am mechanical engineer from Baltimore, MD who is currently  living in Fate, TX.  I graduated from The Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, and worked for a few years for Black & Deckers Industrial Product group as a new product design engineer. They were purchased by The Stanley Works and Closed my design center. Like many things in life the good comes with the bad and I was able to get a fantastic job at Innovation First International designing robotic toys. I try to spend as much time as I can having fun and doing things that fit my interests.  I use this website to gather my thoughts, and show some of my work to the world.  I tend to enjoy anything robotic in nature and love designing and building new things.  Take a look around, if you have any questions just ask in the comments or email me I will try to get back to you.


I used to say that I could be described by a quote from the Grateful Dead – “Sometimes we live no particular way but our own”. However, more recently I realized that isn’t completely true anymore. It would be a lie to say that everything I did was unique, but more accurately I would describe myself as a free thinker. I’m a mechanical engineer, but don’t take that the wrong way; most people wouldn’t call me a nerd. I am very laid back and am always willing to try new things, yet remain passionate about my activities. The way I figure it, you only live life once, so you need to have a good time, and be the best person possible.

From Dilbert:

Doctor: I’m afraid your son has the knack.
Dilmom: The knack?
Doctor: It’s a rare condition characterized by an extreme intuition about all things mechanical and electrical and other social ineptitude.
Dilmom: (worried) Can he lead a normal life?
Doctor: No. He’ll be an engineer.

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